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Chaplin, CT Cleanup Day
April 23, 2011

If you're like me, you feel disgusted when you're walking or driving down a road in our town and see trash littering the sides of the road, or in our cemeteries, Diana's Pool, or other public spaces. Here's a chance to do something about it!

The Chaplin Conservation Commission has decided to sponser an annual Chaplin Cleanup Day, which will take place on the 3rd Saturday of April each year, which is the first Saturday after income tax returns are due (next year it will be April 21, 2012). This is usually just the right time of year. It is late enough that the weather is usually tolerably warm, the spring thaw mud is drying, and all the greenery is just on the verge of popping out. It is also just early enough that the foliage isn't quite out yet, including poison ivy leaves. And it's the same week as Earth Day.

The goal is to have as many households as possible each agree to clean up a section of road or other public area (like Diana's Pool, a cemetery, etc.) within Chaplin. A cleanup day like this, that was sponsored by other town organizations, as well as present and past town administrations, has been held for the past several years, and a few times in the more distant past. Since nobody else stepped up to do it this year, it occurred to me that our Conservation Commission is the logical sponsor for an event like this. Our commission unanimously approved this at our meeting on April 13, 2011.

Unfortunately, there was not enough time to make complete plans and arrangements for this year, so we are asking people to please do this more informally this year. You can email a note with the areas you are planning on cleaning up, and I'll post it on this page below. And if you find anything interesting while you're doing the cleanup that you'd like to share, you can email that as well, and I'll post it here (even photos).

Plastic trash bags and gloves are available at the Chaplin Town Hall if you need them. Bill Rose has agreed to park a town dump truck at the Town Hall parking lot this Saturday as well, into which you can deposit trash from the cleanup (please do NOT bring any personal trash there).

So, just choose an area and clean it up, and dispose of the trash either at the Town Hall on Saturday, April 23, 2011, or use your own cans. If you can't do it on Saturday, just do it anytime you can before the end of the month. If you come across anything on roads or public land that's too large for you to manage, please let us know, and we'll ask the town to deal with it, if that's appropriate.

You can also post any questions or comments to the Chaplin Town Forum (email to chaplin-forum@googlegroups.com or signup below), that you would like to share with other people in the town.

Chris Komuves
Email: ccleanup at kom.com

2011 Chaplin Cleanup Commitments

Area Responsible Party
Bedlam Rd.#100 Pat & Bob Dubos
Bedlam Rd. from #101 through the Bedlam Rd. Cemetery Chris Komuves & Alycia Sanders
Bedlam Rd. Cemetery Chris Komuves & Alycia Sanders
Bedlam Rd. from Cemetary to 4 Corners (juntion with North & South Bedlam)Ginny Walton, Pat & Bob Dubos
Chaplin St. Diane Cox
England Rd., from #88 to the bridge Juan Sanchez
Miller Rd. from Rt. 6 to #90 Marian Hanyckyj
Nollett Rd. The Roberts Family
Palmer Rd. from Chaplin St. to Ridge Rd. Diane Cox
Ridge Rd. Anne Sicilian
Tower Hill Rd., from corner before #415 to Bujak Rd. The Church Family
Tower Hill Rd., from Chaplin St. to Davis Rd. Carl Lindquist

Photos & Notes

Bedlam Rd. (Pat & Bob Dubos, Chris Komuves, Alycia Sanders, Ginny Walton)
There was a recliner dumped alongside the road. We made a request that the town road crew retrieve it. This is what the typical roadside looked like. Cigarette butts and cheap alcoholic beverage bottles and cans were most common. Also recovered about 100 pounds of large caste iron pieces. Filled up most of Bob's pickup truck with debris.

Miller Rd. (Marian Hanyckyj)
Picked up a lot of Dubra vodka pints and 1/2 pints as well as Dunkin Donnut large plastic containers. Filled up 1/2 of my recycle container with that stuff as well as one garbage bag.

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