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Chaplin Town Forum

This is intended to be an open forum for discussion within the town of Chaplin, Connecticut. I intend for this to be a place where all members of our community can freely engage in civil and thoughful discussion about a range of topics that matter to people in our town--such as development, local businesses, politics, schools, the future of our town, requests for advice on local issues and announcements of local events. My goal is to promote dialogue, both online and as a bridge to real-life interaction and cooperation.

This forum is nonpartisan. Political discussions are welcome, but they must be civil. The only rules are that postings must be respectful towards other members, grounded in fact rather than hyperbole, relevant to this forum, and may not be vulgar or obscene. Postings that violate this will not be allowed, and members who repeatedly violate this may be banned.

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