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Review: Autumn Ridge Nursery / Summerstone Nursery

by Chris Komuves, 2010-04-11

I was looking to purchase a Mutsu apple tree a few days ago, and was astounded to find that Autumn Ridge Nursery hey had them for sale on their site, http://www.autumnridgenursery.com for $6.95, since it is at least four times that price anywhere else. But then I re-read the description, and realized that unlike most nursery plants, it looked like the particular ones I was looking at were grown from seed and not placed on any other rootstock to make them smaller. So, I tried calling their phone number. I tried a total of 4 calls during business hours and got a busy signal every time.

Then I looked around some more and found that their website is EXACTLY DUPLICATED at another site, with an entirely different story as to who they are. The other site is http://www.summerstonenursery.com. Exactly the same products and descriptions, and the same website with the same broken navigation bar. It's frustrating as the sites are slow, constantly return errors, and the navigation bar doesn't work properly on Safari. The prices, however, are the lowest I've seen anywhere for fruit trees.

I looked up the domain registration information for the two sites, and they have the same administrative and technical contacts (Jerry Work of Work Media, LLC). It even looks as though both websites are hosted on the same machine, as they have consecutive IP addresses for autumnridgenursery.com and for summerstonenursery.com.