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Family Sound Clips

Here's a bunch of recordings I made of my family, primarily of my nephew, Michael, and nieces, Dana and Jenna, as children. They are in .wav format.

mike.wav Michael Toff on christmas day, 1993-12-25 {45k}
jen_uch.wav 2 1/2 year old niece Jenna saying my name, 1995-03-05 {15k}
mikebg.wav Michael singing "take me out to the ballgame", 1995-03-05 {316k}
Dana_bg.wav Dana Toff's version of "take me out to the ballgame", 1995-07-14 {143k}
Dana_nam.wav Dana Toff saying her name, 1995-07-14 {12k}
Dana_yab.wav Dana Toff trying to say "yabba dabba doo" 1995-07-14 {14k}
jen_bg.wav Jenna Toff's version of "take me out to the ballgame", 1995-07-14 {44k}
jen_mon.wav Jenna Toff practicing for her first godzilla movie tryout, 1995-07-14 {63k}
mat_n.wav Michael Adam Toff saying his name, 1995-07-14 {27k}
mike_abc.wav Michael Toff reciting his ABC's, 1995-07-14 {246k}
mike_bg1.wav Michael Toff singing "take me out to the ballgame", 1995-07-14 {345k}
mike_dm.wav Michael Toff singing an original song of his own, 1995-07-14 {576k}
mike_m1.wav Michael Toff singing with his monster voice, 1995-07-14 {434k}
mike_m2.wav Michael Toff, another song with his monster voice, 1995-07-14 {679k}
mike_rud.wav Michael Toff's unique recital of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", 1995-07-14 {605k}
mike_sn1.wav Michael Toff, an original song, 1995-07-14 {843k}
mike_sn2.wav Michael Toff, another original song, 1995-07-14 {1,140k}
mike_wel.wav Michael Toff, "welcome to microsoft windows", 1995-07-14 {26k}
mike_wl2.wav Michael Toff, "welcome to microsoft windows" #2, 1995-07-14 {30k}

TV Series Sound Clips

beaver.au Leave it to Beaver Theme {63k}
felix.au Felix the Cat {64k}
getsmart.au Get Smart theme {55k}
greenacres.au Green Acres theme {16k}
mayberry.au Mayberry theme {74k}
saint.au The Saint theme {35k}
entbeep.au Star Trek Hail {11k}
twilightzone.au Twilight Zone theme {57k}
underdog.au Underdog {37k}

Movie Sound Clips

lab.au "Come up to the lab, and see what's on the slab" (Rocky Horror) {58k}"
soylent.au "Soylent Green is people!" {23k}"